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Do you offer same day appointments?

We make every effort to accommodate same day scheduling as we know many real estate transaction can be time sensitive.  Our schedule fills quickly, so it is best to contact us by phone if you need a same day appointment. We recommend scheduling your inspection at least 7 days in advance to ensure we can accommodate your inspection. 


Am I allowed to be at the inspection?

We encourage our customers to be present during the last 30 minutes of the inspection, but it is not required.  If you are present, we are able to discuss certain issues with you and answer any questions you may have.  We encourage you to attend with your real estate agent.  If you would like to attend the entire inspection, you MUST be accompanied by your agent.  For liability reasons, we are unable to allow you to enter the home without your real estate agent. There are aspects of the inspection process that are hazardous and are off limits to the customer. 

How long can I expect the home inspection to last?

We do not rush our inspections.  We have been informed our inspections take longer than most other inspectors.  We take that as a compliment. Our inspections are very thorough and our reports are detailed.  The onsite portion of the home inspection can vary greatly depending on the size, type and condition of each home.  A typical inspection will require the inspector to be onsite for 2-5 hours. 


Can the “Additional Services” you provide be completed at the same time as my home inspection?

Many of our additional services can be performed at the same time as your home inspection.  Combine these services with your home inspection for discounts.  See our Services and Fees page for more information.  Some of our additional services are completed by a third party.  Every effort is made to complete these at the time of the home inspection, however, this is not always possible.


Does your company provide all of the services?

No, several of our services are performed by a licensed third party.  


Can I receive a discount if I hire you for multiple services at different times?

We offer many discounts for services performed at the same time and for services scheduled at different times.  See our Services and Fees page for pricing.  For information on Pre-Drywall, Final Walk Through and Builder’s 1 yr Warranty inspections, click the desired link. 


Do I receive my reports for all services and tests the day they are performed?

We make every effort to provide your reports in a timely manner.  We cannot guarantee that all reports will be received on the same day.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, cashier’s check, and most major credit cards. 


Can I pay for the inspection at closing?

Please contact us directly if you would like to pay at closing. 


Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no fee for cancellation except for weekend appointments.  See “Do you require a deposit?” above. 


Do you walk all roofs, no matter the condition?

Safety is our #1 priority. Roofs present significant safety hazards that could result in falls leading to injury or death.   Walking a roof is not required by the NCHILB Standards of Practice and many inspectors will not do it.  However, we make every effort to walk as much of the roofs surface as we safely can.  Asphalt roofs with steep slopes (usually >8:12), metal roofs, roofs not accessible by our extension ladders and roofs with obvious signs of safety issues can all limit the ability to safely walk a roof.  In the case of these, we will inspect as much as we can by moving the ladder around the perimeter to get as close as possible to the roofs surface and we also use binoculars to see the roof covering.  Certain types of roofs should not be walked due to the propensity of the roofing materials being damaged. Those include, but are not limited to: clay tiles, concrete tiles, wood shakes, asbestos tiles and slate. 


Will you inspect my crawlspace even if I know there are safety hazards present?

As stated previously, safety is our #1 priority.  We will make every effort to enter every crawlspace of each home.  Crawlspaces can be the home to tremendous amounts of hidden damage and costly repairs.  However, homes with standing water, possible electric safety hazards, visible rodents/wildlife, etc. will not be entered into.  We will document with pictures and in our report the safety issues. 

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