Pre-Drywall Inspection



A pre-drywall inspection occurs after the main components of the home are in place. Framing is complete. The roof is installed. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC are roughed in. The pre-drywall inspection allows the buyer to see the skeleton of their home before all of the behind the scenes items are enclosed. It is the perfect time for you to view your home’s “bones” to ensure it is built for long lasting durability.

We use our 13 years in the residential construction industry and 8 years as a Licensed Residential Contractor to review the building plans, view structural framing components to ensure they are installed properly. We will guide you room by room and answer any questions that you may have about the structure or the building process. During the pre-drywall inspections, we will also inspect the following:

the foundation;

  • floor system;

  • roof system;

  • wall system;

  • plumbing system;

  • electrical system;

  • HVAC;

  • exterior wall covering;

  • roof covering; and

  • the interior

  • window installation/flashing

  • and more

But doesn’t the building department have to sign off on the framing before it is closed up? Yes, every governing jurisdiction requires a framing inspection. Unfortunately, most governing inspectors have dozens of homes to inspect everyday. This means the inspector may be on site for less than 5 minutes at each location. We take the time to thoroughly inspect the structure to give you peace of mind.