Why should you hire us?

All licensed home inspectors in North Carolina must follow the strict Standards of Practice required by the North Carolina Home Inspection Licensure Board. While these guidelines provide a great foundation for home inspectors to follow, Pait Home Inspections of North Carolina, LLC. believes in going above and beyond the minimum requirements to ensure our customers receive the most comprehensive information about their home.

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100% 5 Star rating

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers see the difference too. We are 100% Five Star rated on both Google and Yelp. We go above and beyond to ensure you have the best home inspection experience.


We will walk the roof

Before you hire an inspector in the Raleigh area, make sure they walk the roof. Most inspectors look from a ladder or even from the ground. Roofs are typically one of the home’s most expensive systems to repair or replace. They are also one of the most critical components to protect the structure. One missed roof issue could costs thousands of dollars in damage to surrounding components. We make every effort to physically walk all safe roofs of each home we inspect. See our FAQ for more info.


We understand that most home inspections are part of the “Due Diligence” process of home buying. To ensure that you have the information needed to make an informed decision in a timely manner, we will provide you with your home inspection report the same day as the inspection.


We will inspect crawlspaces

Many inspectors visually inspect the crawl space through foundation vents or from the access panel. We do not mind getting a little dirty. We will enter every safe, accessible crawlspace to get the most accurate understanding of the structure’s true condition. As a residential contractor, Stephen has repaired dozens of structural issues in crawlspaces. Knowing what to look for and how to fix the issue is more important than simply crawling inside to take a few photos. See our FAQ for more info.

15% discount

To show our appreciation for your bravery and dedication, we offer a 15% discount on all home inspections to our Veterans, active duty military and first responders.

We are now offering the same discount to teachers and educators.

^(Not applicable to Additional Services Offered)


We treat your home like ours

From ladder standoffs to protect gutter and drop cloths to protect floors, we do our best to protect the areas we work. Our goal is to leave the site with no trace of our tracks. Safety and protecting your investment is our top priority.



We understand balancing work and life can present challenges. Making weekday appointments can be difficult for many people. That is why we provide the convenience of weekend appointments. We offer Saturday and Sunday availability. These appointments fill up quickly, so be sure to book these in advance.


*Roofs and crawlspaces present significant safety hazards for inspectors. It is the discretion of the inspector whether the area is deemed safe to enter or inspect. (Tile, clay, slate and similar style roofs are not walk-able due to risk of damage to materials)